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Activa 125
Seeing that the Activa is already the most successful scooter on the market, it's a logical step for Honda to further expand their scooter portfolio. They first did this with the Activa-i, targeted at the female riders and now they enter the premium segment with the Activa 125. The Activa 125 is fairly similar to the 110cc sibling from all angles.
Honda Activa i
The all new Honda Activa-I has arrived! We, a group of auto enthusiasts, have launched in in an effort to share information about the all new Honda Activa-I.
Are you looking for hands on reviews of Honda Activa-I? Want to find out what the auto experts think about the Activa-I test drive?
Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has just augmented its bike line-up with the addition of the Dream Neo. Part of Honda's Dream series, the Dream Neo is the manufacturer's first motorcycle to get HET, or Honda Eco Technology. The Dream Neo is aimed at fuel-efficiency conscious customers looking for a reliable daily commuter.
Honda CB Trigger
The new Honda CB Trigger offers style, performance and economy in one complete package. The 150 cc air-cooled engine is built using Honda's latest techonogly that improves fuel economy and over all power out. The engine is refined like every other Honda product and is claimed to deliver a mileage of 60 kmpl.
Honda Stunner SBF
Start down Style Boulevard. Get to the New Graphics (down Headturn Avenue). Take a turn for the Newly Designed Under Cowl (watch out for Immediate Attention – it has a looming presence). Keep a lookout for the Sharp Rear (it's the most happening place in the city nowadays, all the hot chicks are there). Go down Performance Avenue. For a mind-blowing drive, take the Honda's 125 cc Engine with 11 bhp 5 Speed Transmission (renowned the world over). Keep going straight down with the Wider Tubeless Tyres (A landmark is the The Black Alloy Wheels – impossible to miss) Stop at the Disc Brakes.Take a roundabout from The Sporty Half Chain Case